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PT Prima Sukses Promo (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT PRIMA SUKSES PROMO packaging division is engaged in the manufacture of plastic cup / plastic cup / plastic printing / plastic cup / plastic cup printing in accordance with your café / booth / restaurant logo as well as for promotional events at affordable prices, excellent quality and minimal amount suitable for novice entrepreneurs. As well as economical prices for large businesses.

With the vision of PT Prima Sukses Promo to support both big companies (such as Indofood, Kalbe Kalbe subsidiary, PT Fountain etc.) for promotion of material and small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia to be successful in its business

Since the beginning of 2017 PT Prima Sukses Promo has created a new division in the field of packaging, especially glass screen printing for booths, hotels, restaurants and cafes to support the vision for SMEs can also be successful in their business by having a brand that can be applied to the packaging glasses sales.

PT Prima Sukses Promo itself since 2014 is engaged in the production of various kinds of promotional bags for various large companies. Due to the increasing demand for different types of products from clients such as pens, mugs, tumblers, glasses, flash for promotion and much more. With the promotion of souvenirs proved to increase sales.

Basic Information

Company Name: PT Prima Sukses Promo

Business Type:
Manufacturer and Distributor of Bags, Supplier of other promotional souvenir products
Manufacture Screen printing glasses etc ..

Company's address:
Jalan Dahlia 5 no 43 Cengkareng Indah, West Jakarta
Contact Person: Felicia Wiwih 085221607843

Disclaimer: we only print brand based orders for business purposes that have legality and do not imitate other people's brands. If there is a print order without us knowing it is a clone of someone else's mark, then we reserve the right to cancel the order and also we can not be involved in cases that are not our responsibility. It is entirely the responsibility of the parties who order it to us.


PT Prima Sukses Promo mendukung baik perusahaan besar (seperti Indofood, Kalbio anak usaha Kalbe, PT. Air Mancur dll) untuk promotion material dan perusahaan skala menengah &kecil (UKM) di Indonesia agar bisa sukses dalam usahanya


Menjadi one stop solution untuk promosi usaha anda


Cengkareng Indah Jl. Dahlia V No. 43, Kapuk Cengkareng Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia



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