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screen printing 22 oz plastic cup
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IDR 2400000.00

Specification of

22 oz Cup Glass Screen Printing Polycup

This plastic cup is used for taking away at restaurants or cafes or beverage booths

Plastic cups are customized according to the client's wishes so that your beverage customers can further increase brand awareness of your name and no contact cafe / booth / restaurant


Polycup brand plastic cups

Thick / weight 9 grams

15.5 cm high

Glass mouth diameter: 9.5 cm

Bottom diameter: 6 cm

Screen printing: 2 sides 1 color

Customer's design / customized (must be their own brand, not someone else's brand), we cannot make designs except the addition of writing

Disclaimer: we only print brands based on orders for business purposes that have legality and do not imitate other people's brands. If there is a print order without our knowledge, it is a copy of someone else's brand, then we have the right to cancel the order and also we cannot be involved in a case that is not our responsibility. That is the full responsibility of the parties who ordered us.

PP material can use seal seal / heat resistance

Price includes closing

Color additions plus fees

A lot of prices are more economical

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