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22 oz plastic glass screen printing
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Sell 22 oz plastic glass screen printing

Specification of 22 oz plastic glass screen printing

Sablon Plastic Cup 22 oz 9 gr

PP material can use seal seal / heat resistance

The price of plastic cups includes 2-sided 1-color screen printing and film making / light settings

Prices do not include a lid (premium dome cover is thick and clear price @ Rp300, flat and thick cover is @ Rp200)

Email the image to

For payment, the DP transfer can be 50% min to BCA rek Prima account. Successful PT Promo. After transfer, the info can be provided to Prima, so we can check it and immediately we make a sample of 1 piece and ask for approval for mass production.

Color additions plus fees

A lot of prices are more economical

Further explanation can contact us

For orders, please fill out this form and send it to WA:


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How many oz is the size of the glass? how many ml?

For PP material (choose one)

12 oz (about 350 ml)

14 oz (about 400 ml)

16 oz (around 470 ml)

Desired thickness (choose one)

for PP material

5 grams (standard)

7 grams (medium)

8 grams (thick)

Need to close? (select one)

Don't need / I use a sealer

Convex lid

Close Flat

In what side screen printing (choose one)


What side of the color?

2 sides with the same image, what color?

2 sides with different pictures, what color?

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Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :